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An Investor’s Primer: The Complex Interplay of Monetary and Fiscal Policy

When governments seek to impact the pace of economic activity, their two main tools are fiscal and monetary policy. Political leaders control fiscal policy, which involves spending based on priorities set by parliaments, prime ministers and presidents.In most industrial democracies, monetary policy is out of reach of elected officials, and is instead determined by an…

Investing in Vision

Prudent investing involves more than reading The Financial Times, Barron’s or The Wall Street Journal with the morning cup of coffee. Experienced Certified Financial Planners know that successful investments require a depth of research and understanding.These professionals take the time to examine opportunities, analyze corporate prospects, measure business valuations and study the fundamentals of each…

At the Zoo: The Ups and Downs of Financial Markets

At times it often seems that a prerequisite for the job of financial commentator is a degree in zoology. Wall Street analysts talk in broad terms about “bear markets” and “bull markets.” Investors understand that a bull market is good and a bear market is something to avoid, but the most polished analysts have additional…

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